Reasons to Make the Switch to Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning

This post was provided by Service Master of Northwest Washington State, experts in emergency cleanup and mold remediation. There has never been a larger emphasis on cleanliness than there is today. From the spread of diseases to food bacteria, the … Continue reading

Practical Guide for Fire Damage Restoration in Chesterfield Township MI

Fire Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration in Chesterfield Township MI Chesterfield Township is a large city in Macomb County within the state of Michigan. It is a big city with small village vibe and it is a good place to raise a family. Whether … Continue reading

Siding damaged from the weather?

high wind damage repair

Is Your Home’s Siding Damaged? Need Repair? 7 signs to let you know if your siding is damaged … Your siding is usually the only thing standing between the elements outside and your interior drywall and insulation.  Each board works … Continue reading

Home maintenance tips to save you money!

Fall maintenance

Home maintenance performed regularly and on schedule provides optimum longevity and helps prevent potential breakdowns or malfunctions. Beyond maintenance procedures for operational sake, the primary (and most important) reason for checking, inspecting, and constantly tuning up your home is to … Continue reading

Water Damage Restoration Services

images Flood water Damage Cleanup

Water Damage Restoration Services Water Damage Restoration starts with Rapid Recovery Service. We can maximize your claim of water damage and get you back in your home or business. If you have water damage caused by any intrusion, you’ve come … Continue reading

Spring flood damage cleanup – Michigan

service disaster plan

Spring flood damage cleanup – Michigan Torrential snowfall over the winter with melting snow and spring rainfall made May 2015 the wettest spring on record for Flint with Detroit close behind in second according to the National Weather Authority. Many … Continue reading

Water Damage Macomb County

Water Removal Specialists

 Water Damage Macomb County – Flooded Basement Sewage Cleanup, Sump Pump Failure, Water Removal Rapid Recovery Service provides emergency flood clean up assistance and Water Damage Macomb County for any unexpected flood damage, ranging from minor plumbing leaks to major plumbing … Continue reading

Winter thaw causes expensive Spring Water Damage for Businesses & Homeowners

spring water damage repair

Spring has sprung and all Michigan residents are anxious to emerge from one of the coldest winters in history. Business and homeowners need to be careful what they wish for. Everyone thinks that they are ready for warmer spring temperatures, but what most doesn’t realize is that … Continue reading

Home wind damage repair services – Ready to assist

tree damage repair

Home wind damage repair needed thru Southeast Michigan, simply a historical event. The recent windstorm has created havoc to power lines, trees, homes, businesses, and neighborhoods a like. Detroit Edison stated, “This is the largest power outage in history.” Their website … Continue reading

Meet Rapid Recovery Service Owners

Family - Rapid Recovery Service

Meet Rapid Recovery Service Owners Special Feature – Colleen & Dave Norris Rapid Recovery Service (RRS) has received several requests to feature a little information about the business and how the operation works behind the scenes. RRS is a Michigan based … Continue reading

12 Key Tips for Hiring Contractors and Builders

Tree Damage

by USAA Members Choosing the right Contractors and Builders is very important – here are some great tips. Every year, thousands of American families face major home damage from tornadoes, hurricanes, fires and other disasters. If you’re one of them, homeowners … Continue reading

Simple Steps for Winter Safety …

winter preperations storms

Winter Safety – Know Your Risk Preparing for winter isn’t complicated or expensive. While winter is dangerous, a few simple steps can help you and your family stay safe this season. Here is what NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS) recommends: … Continue reading

Water Pipes & Flooding in the Winter

pipe break water damage repair

In the dead of winter, power outages can create problems such as pipes freezing and basements flooding, especially if you live in the country and are on a well and septic system. Power outages mean no running water, which leads … Continue reading

Water Damage Cleanup

spring water damage repair

Water Damage Cleanup due to the weather is another serious threat again this winter. While outside temperatures have been fluctuating with below freezing temps and then warming up clearing away all the snow and ice. This causes much strain on … Continue reading

Ice dams and frozen pipes

ice dam and Frozen pipebreak

Winter Water Damage Repair Company working with Home owners & business owners to fix damage caused by Winter Ice dams and frozen pipes! Cold air does a lot more than annoy people: it can wreak havoc on your plumbing and … Continue reading

Emergency Winter Update – Fix Broken Water Pipes

Fix Broken Water Pipes

The recent storms and cold weather have brought our first frozen water pipe questions and disasters of the season here at Rapid Recovery Service . This emergency post of our website will give you some advice about how to prevent … Continue reading

Winter Tips

thaw frozen pipes Winter Tips - water damage

A small crack in a door, window, or wall acts like a blow torch in reverse. At near-zero weather, high winds can freeze a nearby pipe even though the surrounding room temperature may be 70 degrees. Fill holes in doors, … Continue reading

As colder weather sets in, possible home fire hazards abound


Home fire hazards abound as the cold weather sets in It’s the season for fireplaces, candles and space heaters – all of them possible fire hazards. If there is a fire your window to get out alive could be as short … Continue reading

Coping in winter power outages

Winter power outages -Generators

First, find out whether the outage is just in your home, or in your neighbourhood. If it is in your home: Turn off and disconnect appliances. Check your fuse box or circuit breakers. If fuses have blown, or circuits have … Continue reading

frozen pipes

Broken Water Pipes Can Be A Nightmare … Broken Water pipes – We don’t often think of damage on the same scale as a natural disaster, but damage from water is the most prevalent — yet least recognized — catastrophe. In fact, … Continue reading

Grosse Pointe Farm Residents Battle Flooded Basements Once Again

Grosse Pointe Farm Basment Flooding

Flooded basements for the 2nd time this year For the second time in a matter of months, Grosse Pointe Farm residents awoke to flooded basements. This was following a storm that rolled through the area. Homeowners received a hand-delivered a … Continue reading

Why Pipe Freezing is a problem and how to prevent it

ice dam and Frozen pipebreak

Being prepared and informed may help you to avoid the messy and often expensive issue of frozen pipes. The American Red Cross provides information and suggestions around how to prevent water pipes in the home from freezing, and how to … Continue reading

Frozen Pipes/ Gas Meter


We have some warm wet weather today, but tonight it is going to be back to freezing temperatures.  The water in plumbing pipes can freeze if the pipes are exposed to frigid air. At the very least, a frozen pipe … Continue reading

9 Rapid Tips to a Safe Fireplace

decorate your home safely

Brrrr! It has been cold this week in Michigan and it is time to get the fireplace going. Before you start a fire to cozy up the cabin, make sure that things are in safe order. According to the American Red … Continue reading

Preventative Winter Maintenance for Water Pipes & Vacant Homes

winter maintenance

WINTER MAINTENANCE Don’t let winter weather catch you unprepared. The following tips will help you prevent the expense and inconvenience of frozen and broken pipes. Regularly check your plumbing. Perform preventative maintenance and repair all leaks and seepage. Disconnect all … Continue reading

Water Removal Specialists

Water Removal Specialists

Water Removal Specialists Property damage as a result of water is caused by forces of nature or simply a leaky appliance. A common problem for homeowners addressing water problems can often save thousands of dollars in repair costs. Also, fixing … Continue reading

Insurance and the ice storm damage michigan: Are you covered?

ice dam

Ice storm damage Michigan  Hundreds of thousands of Michigan residents and business owners have been inconvenienced by the big ice storm that’s swept through southern Michigan, Lapeer and Livingston Counties. And for many of them, it’s also caused costly damage … Continue reading

Extreme Weather Restoration – Rapid at your service!

Extreme weather restoration

January’s extreme weather of ice storm and flooding has caused a variety of issues for homeowners. Rapid Recovery Service remains committed to helping customers and working with insurance companies when faced with the unexpected. According to Dr. Robert Hartwig, president … Continue reading

Keep Furnace Vents, Free Of Snow And Ice For Safety!

winter storm damage

Following all the heavy snowfall across much of Michigan, Consumers Energy has asked customers to keep safety in mind by making sure their gas furnace fresh air intake pipes and gas/electric meters are free of snow and ice.

Continue reading

Vandalism and graffiti restoration

vandalism restoration

Vandalism Restoration – Reclaim property with fast & professional service! Returning to find your business or home vandalized can be an upsetting and stressful experience. We can secured and repair your property and completely remove graffiti vandalism with no damage to … Continue reading

5 Fun Winter Snow Activities

WInter hazards

Winter isn’t for everyone — the ice, the wind, the freezing temperatures are not easy to bear, but there’s a reason there are so many songs about snow. It’s fun and necessary for many creative, enticing outdoor activities. Here are … Continue reading

Prevent Fire Damage To Your Home This Winter

Fire Damage to Home

Homeowners can take preventive measures to help safeguard their homes this winter. According to the US Fire Administration, residential fires are more common in winter months than any other time of year.

Continue reading

RRS Certified as Medical Waste cleanup

Bio hazard Cleanup

Medical Waste Cleanup Specialists Rapid Recovery Service provides medical waste clean up, and biohazard cleans up services to all of southeastern Michigan. Also, we have experienced and licensed medical waste and biohazard technicians. They licensed by all proper government and … Continue reading

Storm damage Clinton Township

Water Damage

Storm Damage Clinton Twp, MI – Lessen the Stress Storm Damage Clinton Township – Any problem that involves the home and compromises a family’s well-being is an emergency. This includes water damage in the home, especially when it means storm damage … Continue reading

Flood Restoration

Flood damage repair

Lessen the Stress with Rapid Recovery Flood Restoration Roseville Mi and other local areas! – Lessen the Stress Any problem with flood restoration Roseville Mi or local areas that involve a home and compromises a family’s well-being should is an emergency. Including … Continue reading

How to Make a Home Emergency Kit

Home emergency kit

Home Emergency kit is an essential. Disasters come in endless varieties – sewage backflows, lightning strikes, earthquakes, wind damage, fires, and hurricanes or even burst pipes. Whatever the cause, everything stops – abruptly. As a result, being prepared with a Home … Continue reading

Ice damn cleanup

ICE DAM REMOVAL – DETECTION AND PREVENTION! Winter is here – Watch out for those ice dams. They are coming soon if you don’t protect your home and business. You can click on the photo for full illustration. Ice Dam Removal is of … Continue reading

pipe break water damage repair

Winter Storm – Preventing and Thawing Frozen Pipes Being prepared and informed may help you to avoid the messy and often expensive issue of frozen pipes. The American Red Cross provides information and suggestions around how to prevent water pipes in … Continue reading

Holiday and Christmas Tree Fire Safety

Decorate Chrismas tree safely

Decorating homes and businesses is a long-standing tradition around the holiday season. Unfortunately, these same decorations may increase your chances of fire. Based on data from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), an estimated … Continue reading

Michigan ice storm victims should beware of shady contractors, BBB offers consumer tips

ice dam removal

Michigan Ice Storm Michiganders looking for help as they recover from ice storms should be aware of businesses trying to take advantage of them. Tens of thousands of people remained without power last year in Michigan, and many homeowners are … Continue reading

Winter home maintenance: Put your house in order

WInter Safety Tips

Winter home maintenance is a serious threat when homes are in a state of disrepair. Also, with the big chill fast approaching it could be time to do a bit of DIY. So, you don’t end up ­thousands of pounds out … Continue reading

Decorate your home safely

decorate your home safely

While you put up your decorations and gather friends and family together to celebrate, Please be safe. Also, keep in mind the following safety tips, provided to us by our friends at the University of Michigan. As a result, we … Continue reading

Tips to keep your property safe in freezing weather

winter storm damage

Tips to keep your property safe in freezing weather by Near-freezing temperatures are in the forecast for Sunday. Here are a few tips on how to keep your property safe in freezing weather to avoid frozen or broken water pipes. … Continue reading

During Cold Weather, Take Preventative Action for Safety

Cold Weather - Winter Safet

Cold Weather Tips: Keep garage doors closed if there are water supply lines in the garage. Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warmer air to circulate the plumbing. Be sure to move any harmful cleaners and household chemicals … Continue reading

Candle Fire Safety – A festive glow to holiday celebrations with care

candle safety - fire caution

Candle Fire Safety has been neglected in past years. Consequently, an estimated 15,600 home structure fires started by candles reported to local fire departments across the nation. In addition, candle fires resulted in an estimated 150 civilian deaths. Also,1,270 civilian … Continue reading

Be Careful in the Kitchen: Thanksgiving Fire Prevention Tips

Thanksgiving fire Prevention

For many of us, Thanksgiving is a holiday that requires hours of time in the kitchen preparing a feast for our family and friends. Yet the kitchen is the most common place in your home for fires, it may also … Continue reading

Freezing Pipes & safety issues

Fix Broken Water Pipes

FREEZING TEMPERATURES TO AFFECT 200 MILLION *PREVENT FROZEN PIPES & EMERGENCY SAFETY KIT* Most people aren’t necessarily ready for winter to hit just yet, but arctic air that is associated with what we now call the “Polar Vortex” will move … Continue reading

More Cooking Fires Occur On Thanksgiving Than Any Other Day Of The Year


Tis’ that time of year again when we dust off our turkey fryers, hang our Christmas decorations and prepare our family holiday meals. While most holiday cooking goes off without incident, Thanksgiving day holds the record for the highest grease … Continue reading

Preparing Your Home for Winter

Preparing Your Home for Winter, before its too late! As the leaves continue to fall from the trees and temperatures inch closer toward the freezing mark, it is time to ask yourself if your home is prepared for winter. Elemental … Continue reading

Thanksgiving is peak day for home cooking fires

Turkey Fryer cooking fire

NFPA urges caution when preparing holiday meals The number of home cooking fires on Thanksgiving Day was three times the national average of fires per day in 2012, according to NFPA. “Thanksgiving can be a whirlwind of cooking and entertaining … Continue reading